What Hurricane Irma Taught Me About Effective Teams and the Power of Teamwork

effective teams and the power of teamwork

We are very excited to share that we have partnered with Goalcast as a platform partner to expand the reach for our articles on talent, leadership & culture. This article discusses a personal story of our experience during Hurricane Irma and the characteristics of effective teams and the power of teamwork. When we take the focus off of ourselves, when we acknowledge the innate contributions of others, when we drop the need to “be right” and learn to listen to other perspectives — and when we step up to be a living…

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Choose Love Over Fear To Unlock Your Leadership Potential

choose love over fear

We are very excited to share that we have partnered with Goalcast as a platform partner to expand the reach for our articles on talent, leadership & culture. This article discusses a personal story of a situation early on in my career where under the same difficult business conditions, I witnessed 2 different leaders make two completely different choices.  One love and the other fear.  These two leaders make an indelible impression on me as I progressed within my own career. The article then offers 3 important ways that each…

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HR Soul is Partnering with Tampa Bay VetNet to Coach Local Veterans | Official Press Release

business coaches helping veterans in Tampa

HR Soul Consulting –  a Tampa based Human Resources and Talent Management consulting company ­­­– has partnered with Tampa Bay VetNet – a networking group dedicated to helping veterans transition from their military careers into corporate careers – to provide job search mentoring and coaching to local veterans who have recently left the service or are about to leave the service. TAMPA – August 15, 2017 – The unemployment rate for veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces at any time since September 2001—a group referred to…

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The Best Leadership Lessons Are From Loved Ones

the best leadership lessons

In late April our family lost a great leader. The world lost one if you ask me. My uncle John Cortissoz or “Big Jack” as he was affectionately known to family and friends. A loving husband, father, brother and family man who was dedicated to serving others. Dynamic personality. Movie star qualities. Former advertising executive with Businessweek and Inc. magazines. Quintessential New Yorker. Storyteller extraordinaire. There are few people that can naturally have others just gravitate to them with no effort. Just being themselves. He was it. The real deal.…

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Customer Service Agents Can’t Keep Up – And It’s Hurting Your Bottom Line

a shift is required in your customer service training

[CBOX_PRO id=3302] A Shift Is Required In Your Customer Service Training In today’s fast-paced world, customers demand more and compromise less than at any time in the past. An entitlement mindset permeates every customer interaction, and it doesn’t take much to send that interaction into a downward spiral of anger, resentment, and frustration. The recent spate of airline issues serves as but the latest example of this ongoing problem. Social media is ready at a moment’s notice to capture the moment things go south, which then leads to media backlash,…

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Ideas To Disrupt Your Talent Strategy

Ideas To Disrupt Your Talent Strategy

I need to make a confession. I am a "HR trends addict". What usually fuels my addiction are studies like the Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report and the Mercer Talent Trends Study. I am intrigued by what executives and HR professionals believe are their current and future priorities. I am fascinated by the analytics, trends and insights. I am inspired by some of the innovative ideas presented. Is Your Talent Strategy Aligned With Your Business Imperatives? I suppose like all addictions it is a bit of a "love-hate" thing as well. Much to my chagrin, every year…

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Critical Imperatives For Your Learning Strategy

Critical Imperatives For Your L&D Strategy

This month LinkedIn Learning Solutions published their 2017 Workplace Learning Report. I applaud them in their continued efforts to benchmark human capital and provide the report freely to business leaders and HR professionals. I believe there are deeper, more important insights for L&D professionals than what is summarized in their report. 2017 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report Summary LinkedIn Learning surveyed 500 L&D professionals from the U.S. and Canada, who either influence or are decision makers for their companies’ L&D budgets. The report details the Top 5 trends from their survey findings– and what they…

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Love Or Fear – The Foundation Of Your Leadership

love vs fear at work

This article is the first in a series that examines love vs fear at work from several HR & people related angles. Part 1 deals with the idea itself, and begins the discussion on the applications for self-leadership. Love or fear. At first glance it seems like a strange topic to be discussing from a professional perspective. Some people may even bristle at the idea. It has everything to do with work. Love or fear is the primary filter that governs our lives as human beings. We do not stop being human when we…

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Your HR Strategy May Involve a Reduction in Headcount

2017 HR strategy best practices

For many HR professionals, the first week of January is the beginning of a very busy period depending on when your fiscal year begins. It also usually represents the beginning of your annual HR strategic plan.  Likely you either you have developed it– or in the final stage of its completion. That is where I hope to help shape your thinking. Human Capital Trends – Same Message, Different Year If you have been following our blog, you will know that I am a big proponent of Human Capital and HR Trend reports.…

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How Millennials Should Be Driving Your Engagement Strategy

Employee Engagement Strategies For Millennials

Full disclosure- I am not a Millennial.  In fact, I am squarely In the Gen X category.  Wife, school age child, mortgage, two cars- the "whole 9 yards."  Born in the 70's, grew up in the 80's and started my HR career in the mid 90's. The rise of MTV and the PC, the end of the Cold War, the dot com bubble and Y2K all seem not as long ago as they actually were. I am told that is just getting older....... Employee Engagement Strategies For Millennials Also in the interest…

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