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Connected Disconnection.

It's a lot for anyone to emotionally handle right now. Kids at home from school. Businesses closed. Working remotely. Streets empty. People losing their jobs.

And that is just what we can see.  There are other underlying emotional costs as well.

People feeling disconnected from the human element of work. Anxiety about the future. Increased tension or apathy within teams.

It's never been more important to be human in this new digital world.

Why Does Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Matter?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the level of someone's ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them.

Research clearly shows time and time again, that the most effective leaders and teams are ones who have a high degree of EQ.  

This is especially important during the health crisis today.

Everyone right now needs to dial-up self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management to get though this – together.

The first step is self-awareness using our Lumina Spark assessment.

Top Personality Assessment Tool

What is Lumina Spark?

The Lumina Spark assessment reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are.

Lumina Spark is the best EQ tool on the market today and used by leading global companies like Adidas, Havas and Pfizer.

Discover practical actions for improved self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork and leadership. 

top personality assessment tool

How Does Lumina Spark Work?

Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalized reading of an individual's strengths and developmental areas to increase their self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

This highly sought-after product was created by Dr Stewart Desson and is based on his revolutionary PhD research in business psychology and psychometrics.

The Lumina Spark methodology avoids the bias inherent in many other popular psychometric assessments.

In one tool it provides three lenses to give people consistent insights into their whole personality and remove the need for additional tests.


Underlying Persona

Their instinctive way of being, their preferences, and their natural inclinations


Everyday Persona

How they behave day-to-day, tuning up and down their qualities given the situation


Overextended Persona

When they do too much of a good thing, and overplay their natural strengths

All of their personality – all of the time – No labels, No boxes, No stereotypes!

What Do People Receive In The Report?

Lumina Spark provides a personalized portrait of their whole personality

It speaks directly to people, providing a report uniquely about them as individuals - not about people who are similar to them. The model is simple to understand, yet contains great depth at the same time.  

Comprehensive Report

Detailed report that which helps them explore their own personality, increase self-awareness and adapt behaviors.

Unparallelled Insights

Measures their 3 personas as described above on 24 different psychometrically validated data points.

Custom Solutions

Many of our clients ask us to further leverage these insights with either 1-on-1 coaching or to conduct custom virtual team workshops.

What Is The Value Of EQ To

Your Organization Right Now?

Lumina Spark helps people to figure out who they are, raise their self-awareness, accelerate emotional well-being and adapt their behavior. 

All at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to access best in class solutions to amplify the potential of your leaders and teams.

For Senior Leaders and HR Professionals who are challenged with improving team dynamics or the quality of leadership across the enterprise during the health crisisthe solutions from most consulting firms add up quickly. The bigger the consulting firm, the bigger the price tag during a time where budgets are tight.

And that is only focusing on the cost. 

What is the value of accelerating the quality of your leadership to manage through the crisis?  

What is the value of improved team dynamics with everyone working from home?

What is the value of increasing the engagement of your people to help them during uncertain times?

We provide superior assessment tools and virtual workshops at a fraction of the cost – all while helping you drive levels of engagement, team effectiveness and improved communications.

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What Our Clients Say About Lumina Spark.

Top Personality Assessment Tool


Deeper Insights, Amazing Value

Lumina has been an amazing add to our company, and Andrea's facilitation of it has been on point from the get-go.

I've used programs like this before, and the insights Lumina provides are a much deeper view than anything else we have used. It has improved our interactions at all levels, including the leadership and partner levels. We have incorporated this into our daily internal culture and are using it to better interact with our clients.

The skills learned during the program are ones that any company could benefit from.

Top Personality Assessment Tool


Improving Team Dynamics and Company Culture

Implementing Lumina helped bring awareness to our team of the different personality types that exist by tying it to the different colors, identify who on the team falls into which color category, and ultimately how to understand and best work with other team members based on each person’s color personality and profile.

The colors of Lumina make it easy to understand and remember what each personality type is.

Overall, the team found Lumina very interesting and has helped with team communication.

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