Strategy, Culture & Engagement

Using our best-in-class assessments & facilitation, we can help you develop strategy, assess your culture, align your organization and improve levels of engagement.

Human capital consulting firm specializing in employee engagement strategies to accelerate your business performance in Tampa NYC Miami & Orlando.

of Executives

According to the Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, only 22% of executives reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience.

Peter Drucker was once famously quoted that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 

We agree with an asterix. When culture and strategy are fully aligned, companies eat their competition for breakfast and win in the marketplace. 

Culture & Engagement

Pizza lunches and casual Fridays are not the solution. Engaging cultures are not built through cuisine or couture.  

We partner with you create meaningful strategies to increase the engagement of your people.

How we work with clients

We have a wealth of experience with people engagement strategies on how to take meaningful action to drive engagement.

We can design and deliver a comprehensive engagement survey, or quick employee “pulse” survey.  

Our focus is to enable you to drive levels of engagement with measurable business impact.

We follow a proven 5 step process:

human capital consulting firm tampa nyc miami orlando
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Establishing Strategy & Measures of Success ​

We work with you to understand your business context, meet with key stakeholders, establish measures of success, align on the survey methodology & develop a communication strategy.

Strategic Planning

We love to work with emerging small to medium sized companies looking to develop their mid to long term strategic business plan. From there we help you develop your People & Culture HR Roadmap to support your strategy.

human capital consulting firm tampa nyc miami orlando

How we work with clients

There are countless ways we can customize a solution for your Strategic Planning meeting based on your unique needs.  

The meetings we design and facilitate include defining these core elements based on the book Playing To Win:

  • Your Winning AspirationDefining a meaningful & powerful purpose
  • Where You Will PlayMaking deliberate choices about what your team will and will not do
  • How You Will WinCreating sustainable competitive advantage for your team
  • What Capabilities You RequireThe organizational capabilities which will enable you to deliver on your Winning Aspiration
  • What Management Systems You Need  –  The ways of working, structures and measures required to support your strategy

Strategic Planning Outputs

Strategic plan with documented actions & accountabilities

Metrics and scorecard to measure your progress along the way

People & Culture Roadmap aligned to your business strategy

Other Customization Options

We can also work with you to customize your strategic planning process with these additional and powerful assessments:


Using our Cultural Transformation Readiness Assessment-40 (CTRA-40), we can help you measure your organization’s readiness to successfully transform your culture based on 6 Cultural Change Readiness Predictors.

People Analytics & Dashboards

Don't let our name fool you. We take metrics seriously. Developing a strategy is pointless if you do not execute it. We firmly believe in the adage "what gets measured gets done".  

Measuring the business impact of strategic HR solutions is one of our specialties- in fact, we would say the expertise of our team is unparalleled.

We work with senior leaders to identify and measure the HR metrics that really matter to support your business strategy.

We also have extensive experience in creating simple but powerful dashboards that communicate that message to your people and track your progress along the way.

human capital consulting firm tampa nyc miami orlando
Jose Luis Velasquez

Senior VP HR

Paul is an extremely skilled HR professional who added tremendous value to our organization. Paul quickly learned our business, and was able to identify and drive HR solutions that had a positive impact. He was well respected by our senior team and worked closely with us in our talent and succession planning efforts.

Elana Gold

Divisional Vice President (CMO)

Andrea and I worked together to open Mexico and Australia. The highest professional compliment that I can pay Andrea is when she would leave one of the markets – GM's would automatically ask her "when are you coming back." At HQ's she had the same impact – always being available as a strategic partner to the business.

Scott Wambolt

SVP National Sales and Service

Paul can always be counted on to offer insightful, practical and results oriented HR advice. He is personable, articulate, highly ethical and has high business acumen, all making him an extremely competent and effective HR executive. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again.

Gustavo Salas

General Manager

Andrea is a very strong International HR specialist. Andrea supported me during the setup of a green field operation in México defining the HR strategy for the Pepsico-Strauss JV. Andrea understanding of the Mexican labor market as well as her cultural savvy was critical to attract the right talent under strong people processes.

Lucinda Donnelly


Paul is one of the very best HR professionals I have ever worked with. He has broad range--HR technical skills from high level organization development to change management to leadership and management development skills. He also has great influence with an incredible sense for innovation and resourcefulness. He is A++.

Amit Anand

VP Finance

Andrea is dedicated, collaborative, enthusiastic and fun to work with. She is a solid HR professional with a breadth of experience, that makes her comfortable working on organizational capabilities, values and culture. Her energy and experience would be valuable to any organization she chooses to work with.

Brenda Rigney

VP, Operations

Paul is a creative thinker and is never satisfied with common practice or status quo. He researches the best options and pushes his knowledge base to provide the best service to his customer. He continually exceeds his contribution to any organization he serves by building effective relationships with key leaders in the business.

nurit tal shamir


Andrea is equipped with high intelligence and deep understanding of "what makes people function". She is fast learner, experienced and pragmatic– a combination that helps her to understand the business and adds value in short time. Her personality along with her collaboration capabilities enable her to connect with people.

Timothy Price

Senior Director Compensation

What impressed me the most about Paul is his amazing business acumen and focus. He delivers innovative OD and learning programs with careful attention to overall alignment with the needs of the business, never losing sight of the ROI. Paul would be a tremendous asset to any organization that cares about best-in-class HR services.

Kathy MacLeod


Andrea's personal touch was a constant reminder to never forget the "human" side of HR. Her upbeat, cheerful, knowledgeable and professional approach to business left a lasting impression on the team. I highly recommend Andrea to any organization seeking an experienced professional who will take them to the next level in HR.

Alison DeMille


Paul has great experience as both an HR generalist and as a talent/OD specialist. And, because he has both, tends to be very good as a generalist (because he gets talent and development) and as an OD specialist (because he understands HR). Paul is smart, fun, thoughtful, practical and strives to drive business results and performance.

Aaron Robins


Andrea was without doubt the most effective and knowledgeable HR professional I have ever worked with. Her advice, experience and ideas to directing "the human factor" was people focused but always with the bottom line in mind. I would without hesitation recommend her to any client looking to create or strengthen their HR vertical.

Mark Beagan

Director HR

Paul is an expert in all facets of HR from his experience in start-up to his work in turning around businesses that are struggling. He shines in strategic planning, executive coaching, succession planning and change management. Combined with his extensive business acumen from a number of industries, he is an exceptionally rare talent.

Daniela Aviran

Director of Compensation

Andrea is a talented, enthusiastic and proactive HR Leader. During the first stages of designing the company's HR strategy she led a cross-functional team to work harmoniously and productively. Thanks to her efforts the team managed to design a winning HR strategy for a new company and get it approved by the Board of Directors.

Louis Bellardine

HR Executive

Paul has accomplished many exciting projects through his collaborative nature, excellent project management skills and superior OD experience. His combination of HR skills coupled with exceptional business acumen would make him a valuable to any organization. I would not hesitate to work with Paul again.

The HR Soul Strategy, Culture & Engagement Difference

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    Flexible, targeted solutions that can be fully customized.
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    Decades of collective HR experience at senior levels.
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    Best-in-class assessments to target your planning efforts. 
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    Focus on solutions that drive business performance.
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    One-stop for all your strategy, culture & engagement needs.
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    Can be coupled with our other talent, leadership & culture solutions.


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