Strategy, Culture & Engagement

Using our best-in-class assessments & facilitation, we can help you develop strategy, assess your culture, align your organization and improve levels of engagement.

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of Executives

According to the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, only 22% of executives reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience.

Peter Drucker was once famously quoted that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 

We agree with an asterix. When culture and strategy are fully aligned, companies eat their competition for breakfast and win in the marketplace. 

Culture & Employee Engagement

Pizza lunches and casual Fridays are not the solution. Engaging cultures are not built through cuisine or couture.  

We partner with you create meaningful strategies to increase the engagement of your people.

How we work with clients

We have a wealth of experience with people engagement strategies on how to take meaningful action to drive engagement.

We can design and deliver a comprehensive engagement survey, or quick employee “pulse” survey.  

Our focus is to enable you to drive levels of engagement with measurable business impact.

We generally follow a proven 5 step process:

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Business Impact & Continuous Improvement

We will help gauge business impact based on your measures of success, discuss lessons learned & help you prepare for the next survey and/or series of "pulse" surveys.

HR Strategic Planning

We love to work with emerging or small to mid-sized companies looking to expand their HR capabilities beyond the more transactional aspects of HR like payroll, benefits and compliance. It all starts by having a plan.  

How we work with clients

There are countless ways we can customize a solution for your HR Strategic Planning meeting based on your unique needs.  

The meetings we design and facilitate include defining these core elements based on the book Playing To Win:

  • Your Winning AspirationDefining a meaningful & powerful purpose
  • Where You Will PlayMaking deliberate choices about what your team will and will not do
  • How You Will WinCreating sustainable competitive advantage for your team
  • What Capabilities You RequireThe organizational capabilities which will enable you to deliver on your Winning Aspiration
  • What Management Systems You Need  –  The ways of working, structures and measures required to support your strategy

Strategic Planning Outputs

HR Roadmap aligned to your business strategy

Metrics and scorecard to measure your progress

Clarity on accountabilities, and action plans

Other Customization Options

There are other elements we can include in your Strategic Planning meeting including:

  • lumina team assessment

Our Lumina Team Assessment provides solutions to capitalize on your team’s strengths and examine its blind spots to maximize collective success. By gaining a new perspective, teams are able to overcome old communication barriers and resolve hidden issues.



The HR Soul Strategy, Engagement & Culture Difference

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    Flexible, targeted solutions that can be fully customized.
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    Decades of collective HR experience at senior levels.
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    Best-in-class assessments to help target your planning efforts. 
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    Focus on solutions that drive business performance.
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    One-stop for all your strategy, culture & engagement needs.
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    Can be coupled with our other talent, leadership & culture solutions.

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