We can help you develop strategy, assess culture, align your organization and increase engagement using our proven methods that deliver results.

Peter Drucker was famously quoted "culture eats strategy for breakfast". We agree with an asterix.

When culture and strategy are fully aligned, organizations and teams play to win in their marketplace.  


Strategy is not complex.  But it is hard.  It forces people to make specific and deliberate choices about the future.

Successful HR leaders build a bold but executable people strategy that is aligned with the business needs of the organization. They also ensure their HR team has the capabilities and commitment to get there – and the measured ability to drive execution.

Using our powerful process below and expert facilitation, we can build a customized strategic planning meeting tailored to your specific needs.


Pizza lunches and casual Fridays are not the solution to engaging your people. Cultures are not built through cuisine or couture.  

We partner with you create meaningful strategies to increase the engagement of your people.

We have a wealth of experience with people engagement strategies & how to take meaningful action to drive engagement.

We can design and deliver a comprehensive engagement survey with external benchmarks, or quick employee “pulse” surveys.  

Our focus is to enable you to drive engagement with measurable business impact using our proven five step process.

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We can also deliver an optional technology platform to provide you with ongoing 2-way conversational capability and dashboards with our partner in Olumo.

Olumo is a leading edge survey tool to help leaders keep a pulse on what employees are thinking and feeling with open anonymous communication.

The data Olumo gathers from team member responses are built into a beautiful interface that’s clear to understand and take action on.


We don't just work with HR Leaders to develop strategy. 

We also work with CEO's and Senior Business Leaders from emerging small to medium sized organizations looking for help to develop their long term strategic business plan. 

The meetings we design and facilitate are customized to your needs and include elements our strategic planning framework as described above (Purpose, Strategies, Goals, Values, Brand Promises, Action Plans). 

We also incorporate core elements from one of the best business strategy books written in the past decade – Playing To Win including:

  • Your Winning AspirationDefining a powerful vision and purpose
  • Where You Will PlayMaking deliberate choices about what business strategies you will and will not pursue
  • How You Will WinCreating sustainable competitive advantage for your business
  • What Capabilities You RequireThe organizational capabilities which will enable you to deliver on your Winning Aspiration
  • What Management Systems You Need  –  The ways of working, structures and measures required to support your strategy




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