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Personality Assessments are all the same right?

We can't blame you for thinking that way. We felt the same way too.

Many assessments we had taken during our HR careers were either too complicated to interpret – or put you in a "box".  

It should not take a PhD to interpret your results....and people are more complex than being an ENFP or an INTJ in every situation.  

Perhaps like you, we were kind of over them.  It was time for change.

That is Until We Tried Lumina Assessments.....

free lumina spark personality assessment

Lumina assessments are the next generation of psychometric tools based on years of global research and used by leading companies around the world.

They deliver clear insights with usable results and feedback, in an easy to understand language.

Experience The Lumina Difference

  • No stereotypes. No grids, boxes or cells to fit into.
  • No forced choice preferences. Measures both ends of a personality dimension separately e.g. in some situations you may be more introverted, in others more extroverted.
  • Measures 3 Personas. What you do naturally, everyday and under pressure.
  • Actionable Insights. With practical and easy to use language – no PhD required.

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iT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3.



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The free two minute assessment. It's that quick.  Really.



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Assessments are useful, but they are even better when used to drive individual and organizational performance.  

We are certified Lumina assessment practitioners and use them across a variety of our talent, leadership and culture solutions.

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