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Episode 5- Leading Through Hope 
In this episode we discuss the importance of hope as a leader to navigate your people through the health crisis by using four critical building blocks: providing strategic direction; leveraging the ideas and energy of your team; identifying and solving problems with a multiplier effect; and staying positive while leading change. Leadership right now is hope. Hope is the anchor of the soul

Episode 4- Digging Deep In Tough Times
The full extent of the COVID-19 Health Crisis is just starting to come to fruition. This is a time where we all need to dig deep. How do you gather the strength and courage to keep moving forward? In this episode we discuss the powerful ways to effectively deal with what is happening, from learning from your past. 

Episode 3- Choosing Love Over Fear 
Love or fear is the primary filter that governs our lives as human beings. We do not stop being human when we come to work everyday. Love or fear is also the basis of your character. Character is a choice we make – consciously or unconsciously. Which will you choose?

Episode 2- Building Trust
Leadership is about building relationships with your people. What is the key to any good relationship? Trust. In this episode we discuss how to build trust on an individual, team and organizational level using the " 3 i's" – which matters now more than ever in your your organization responds to coronavirus.

Episode 1 – Focusing On The Core

In a world where we are inundated with books, podcasts, TED Talks, articles and more about what it means to be an effective leader...we discuss what you can do to focus on the core elements of leadership your people need from you.



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