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Ideas To Improve Engagement During The Health Crisis

Disruption. Happened.In a matter of days and weeks the world changed.Businesses closed. Streets empty.  Leaders having to make very difficult decisions on how to ride out the crisis. People losing their jobs.  Death. Needless to say, the health crisis has had a big cost.But there are other less visible costs to your people as well.People feeling […]

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How To Develop a Thriving Company Culture

Is Your Company a Subdivision or a Thriving City? Have you ever had the experience of listening to a piece of music that you heard when you were younger, but never even realized how powerful the lyrics were until later in life?  That happened to me today when listening to one of the greatest bands of all […]

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Love Or Fear – The Foundation Of Your Leadership

This article is the first in a series that examines love vs fear at work from several HR & people related angles. Part 1 deals with the idea itself, and begins the discussion on the applications for self-leadership. Love or fear. At first glance it seems like a strange topic to be discussing from a professional perspective. Some […]

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