Welcome to our HR and Talent Management Blog with “Soul”

human resources talent management blog

Welcome to our Human Resources Talent Management blog with “soul”.

First a personal note.

If you have followed us, you will know that Andrea and I have worked in the corporate HR world for many years and recently started our own HR consulting company in the Tampa Bay / Orlando area. I am grateful to be part of such a great community, humbled to start this new chapter in my career and excited to help organizations here bring what I have dubbed – “soul” – to their people and business.

Onto the blog.

The Opportunity

My aspiration with our blog is to be a different kind of HR/Talent Management blog the way we are a different kind of HR consulting company.

I completely understand that we are all busy and have extremely limited time to read.  Meetings, project deadlines, unreasonable requests and stuff you did not plan or ask for.

I get it. Honestly. I really do.  I have been there too.

The LinkedIn universe is filled with “digestible” short articles that espouse the “Top 5 or 10 Steps” to whatever you need to know about leadership, talent management, talent acquisition or HR topics.   Here is my honest opinion.  Although they try to share helpful tips, they are forgettable and surface level.  They serve a purpose.  They can be easily shared with other people in your organization/social network.  They can be a quick “how to” move forward on initiatives.  They can be a reminder of what is important.  I get that too.

However, for all the articles I read, I am always left with a feeling of incompleteness.  Their “digestibility” makes them too simplistic and ultimately not very helpful at all.

My Promise To Be Human

That is the challenge I place on myself.  On all of us.  To write articles and create a community that discusses real issues.  Shares real experience. Offers practical advice.  Connects with people in a personal way. Is Real.  Even if that means we don’t solve the problem in “10 easy steps”.

No corporate jargon here like, “we will take a deep dive to uncover the root cause of pain points to take actionable steps on the low hanging fruit that will allow us to move the needle and create synergies that will result in a breakthrough moment and gain traction in our vertical”.  We all have been guilty of it.  Myself included.  I just can’t do it anymore.  Feel free to call me out on it if I do.

I will always be a student of HR experts like David Ulrich, Jac Fitzenz and Jack Phillips in setting a strategic agenda for HR and how to measure the impact of our work.  I am inspired by people like John Mattone and Simon Sinek for being human and getting to the heart of leadership & character in the workplace.  I am grateful for people like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra who will forever be my guides on this journey of life.  I aspire one day to be able to write on LinkedIn like James Altucher with such an authentic and human voice.  Lots more thought leaders and influencers I could add, as I am sure you can too.  That is the point of our blog.

My Invitation To You

So my invitation to you is simple.  Please bookmark our website or follow our social media pages.  Please comment and openly share your thoughts, experiences and challenges in a real way. Please provide me with suggestions on topics you want to hear about.  Simple.

Welcome to our HR and Talent Management blog with “soul”.

About HR Soul

We are a different kind of HR Consulting company.

Our purpose is to be an amplifier of soul in organizations. Where talent flourishes, leaders foster engagement and culture is the differentiator of business success.

We are business leaders first, with deep and broad senior level Human Resources experience which allows us to be both generalists and specialists in delivering solutions that accelerate your business performance. We have worked across a large cross-section of industries, organizations and geographies.

Most importantly, we are truly committed to seeing every client– and their people– achieve both business and personal success.

We have soul.

Connect with us today to explore how we can bring soul to your organization.

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