HR Consulting Firm Aims to Bring Innovative HR Solutions and “Soul” to Clients in Orlando FL | Official Press Release

By Paul Cortissoz

According to Gallup, currently only about 1/3 of U.S. workers are engaged — and that figure has barely budged in more than a decade. An HR consulting firm in Orlando – HR Soul – looks to reverse that trend though their team of expert HR Consultants.


ORLANDO – Oct 31, 2016 — HR Soul Consulting has officially moved its business from New York to Tampa/Orlando with the launch of their new website today. HR Soul aims to be a different kind of HR Consulting firm; one that helps organizations truly engage their people to accelerate their business performance. For the mutual benefit of people, and the bottom line.

More organizations are becoming increasingly focused on employee engagement and talent management as part of their business strategies. Yet even with this increased focus, more employees are reported as being non-engaged, or even actively disengaged, than engaged at work.

Paul and Andrea Cortissoz are a husband and wife team who both worked in a variety of senior Human Resources roles before recently moving to Tampa, FL to further expand their HR and talent management consulting business.

“Don’t let our name fool you” states Andrea Cortissoz, Partner and Co-Founder. “We named our company HR Soul not just because we are quote “people people”. We are deeply committed to seeing our client’s employees be fully engaged, achieve personal success and be provided with opportunities for career growth. At the same time, we are equally committed to helping clients drive their bottom line business results in a real and tangible way. There is room for both- when done right.”

Part of HR Soul’s purpose is to also elevate the role of the HR function in organizations. According to a 2016 Mercer Global Talent Trends Report, only 4% of HR professionals stated that HR is viewed as a strategic business partner in their organizations.

Paul Cortissoz, Partner and Co-Founder explains what he believes is the reason why. “During our careers, we have worked with some great business leaders and HR professionals, and we consider ourselves very fortunate. We believe there is a much higher ceiling for what strategic HR can deliver- and there is a huge opportunity cost for not doing so. The reason why in short, is because HR professionals in the broadest sense, have struggled on the continuums between being a business partner and employee champion, between managing risk and thinking outside the box, and between HR administration and business strategy. All are important, but need to be balanced. We have experienced these challenges as well during our careers. We are not here to judge. We are here to help.”

HR Soul plans to address these challenges with a simple formula. HR Consulting Firm in Orlando

“It sounds simple, but we always begin with the business impact in mind– in a measurable way– with a direct line of sight to your overall strategy” states Paul. “Every company has sales, customer service, operational and financial strategic objectives. As HR professionals, we need to put ourselves out there, and take the risk of tying engagement strategies and talent management solutions directly to those strategies in a real way. That is what your sales or marketing team does every day. Why play it safe? It’s not about managing programs; it’s about taking calculated risks. For example, if you have a leadership development program, how will it increase sales and by how much? I think we all agree there is great value in a leadership development program- however are you able to link it in a measurable way to sales results? If not, then why are we doing it? If so, then let’s ensure we all understand the results we are trying to achieve and get behind it- starting from the top levels of management. We have done that in our careers, and that is what we plan to do with our clients.”

Paul and Andrea also have a larger, more altruistic goal in mind.

“We have experienced first-hand how organizations can become “soul-sucking” in terms of their people practices. It doesn’t have to be that way”, states Andrea. “We firmly believe, that fully engaged employees have a positive ripple effect on business success, and society in general. The world needs that today. We choose the latter.”

About HR Soul

We are a different kind of HR Consulting company. Our purpose is to be an amplifier of soul in organizations. Where talent flourishes, leaders foster engagement and culture is the differentiator of business success. We are business leaders first, with deep and broad senior level Human Resources experience which allows us to be both generalists and specialists in delivering solutions that accelerate your business performance. We have worked across a large cross-section of industries, organizations and geographies. Most importantly, we are truly committed to seeing every client– and their people– achieve both business and personal success. We have soul.

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HR Consulting Firm in Orlando, HR Consulting Firm in Orlando

About the Author

Paul Cortissoz, CEO & founding partner of HR Soul has decades of senior level corporate HR experience in leading global organizations. Learn more about Paul Cortissoz's professional expertise and accomplishments.