HR Soul to Provide 360 Degree Feedback Assessments for Florida Companies | Official Press Release

360 feedback assessments

HR Soul Consulting –  a Tampa & Miami based Human Resources and Talent Management consulting firm, and Spidergap –a global provider of best-in class assessments– have entered into a strategic partnership to provide 360 Performance Feedback Assessments for Florida companies.


TAMPA – January 25, 2018 – According Gallup, only 1 out of 5 U.S. employees feel their performance is managed in a motivating way. HR Soul Consulting and Spidergap look to reverse that trend.

“Organizations are increasingly focused on rethinking their Human Resources ways of working, and one of the things that is core to most HR departments is the performance management process, states Andrea Cortissoz, Partner & Co-Founder of HR Soul.

Measuring human performance can be either a positive or negative experience for employees depending on how it is managed.  Employees who strongly agree that their manager holds them accountable for their performance are 2.5 times more likely to be engaged in their job, according to Gallup research.

Paul Cortissoz, Partner and Co-Founder of HR Soul explains, “More and more millennials are not only entering the workforce, but are assuming increasingly senior level positions as they progress in their careers.  One thing that most research has shown is that they are willing to work hard and take more on accountability.  In return, they expect their manager to provide them with meaningful feedback in role, and for their future career development.”  Paul adds, “Unfortunately, most organizations are still using performance management as a carrot or stick, instead of as a tool to accelerate employee performance and build an internal talent & succession pipeline. Key to this is providing employees with well-constructed, well rounded and actionable insights.  That is where 360 feedback comes in if done right – and that is why we are pleased to be partnering with Spidergap to provide a best in class 360 assessment tool for our clients”.  

Spidergap was founded by Alexis Kingsbury and Paddy Mann – two former management consultants – in 2010. They set out to develop a tool that would result in the customers taking real action that had a real impact on their performance and engagement. Spidergap has been used by over 18,000 users to create over 20,000 projects and assess over 100,000 employees worldwide.

“One of the things I was always frustrated about as an HR/OD professional at the end of the performance year was the ability to have a quality 360 degree assessment tool at my fingertips for leaders that provided meaningful feedback, was easy to understand, was customizable to our competencies, rapidly deployable and flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways” states Andrea. ”Sure there were always 3rd party solutions out there, but as a Business Partner I was busy enough at year-end coaching leaders, running workshops, talent review/succession planning, YE merit and bonuses and so on”, she further explains.  “That’s why we searched the work of 360 degree assessments to find the best solution to offer our clients. We found it in Spidergap”.

Paul adds, “We use Spidergap reports in a variety of ways with our clients such as: standalone 360 assessments during or at the end of the performance year; development planning for leaders and top talents; or as part of our Performance Management design services”.

“But more than just being a 360 assessment tool provider, we work with our clients to generate actionable insights and development plans that increase their succession pipeline, especially for their critical positions. That really is one of the most important roles of an HR function today in any organization”, says Paul.

About HR Soul

We enable HR professionals and business leaders to amplify the performance of their people and company culture. 

Backed by nearly 50 years of collective senior level experience, we have worked with diverse groups of clients – globally and domestically – from executives to front line employees– offering practical HR solutions with business impact.

As HR experts that understand the importance of your ROI, we work with measurable goals that align with your specific business strategies. We develop a personal relationship that allows us to become more than just consultants. We become partners in your business and its success.

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