Talent Management Consulting

We are expert at providing solutions to amplify your existing talent management practices – or design new talent strategies for high growth emerging small to mid-sized companies.

Gallup reports that 87% of millennials state that development opportunities and career growth opportunities are very important to them in a job.
Yet according to the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, most millennials believe they are receiving little to no development in their roles. 

With the roughly 73 million millennials now entering into the workforce, increasing the talent management capabilities of your organization is critical to developing a robust talent pipeline- now and for the future.

Starting with a clear understanding of your business strategies and needs, any of our solutions can customized.

We can work with you to measure and determine an objective organizational baseline of your current talent management practices.
Using our Talent Cultural Index (TCI) we can work with you to benchmark the effectiveness of your talent management practices. The results provide a clear benchmark of the strengths and gaps of the four “talent engines” that drive your culture and operating success, your succession planning processes and your high-potential identification and development.
Based on the assessment of your talent management practices, we can work with you to conduct a gap analysis, and develop a focused talent strategy tied to the strategic objectives of your organization.
We can also work with you to design, redesign or tweak your talent management practices based on the assessment results.
All positions matter, however a critical few positions have the biggest impact on the success of your organization.
We believe this is where you should focus your talent management efforts. Simply put, we believe you need your “A” players in your “A” positions.
We can work with you to quickly identify your critical positions, and gain alignment with your senior leaders on the strategic importance of these positions.
We can then work with you and your senior leaders to analyze your succession depth against these critical positions.
The identification of critical positions and top talent is just the beginning.
The most important step is the creation, and actioning, of long-term career development plans for your top talents and critical position successors.
For these development plans to be meaningful they need to stick, with regular measured progress against these plans throughout the year, not just at year-end.
We can help you develop long-term development plans for your top talent along with a scorecard to track progress throughout the year.
Many organizations have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) as part of their performance management practices.
Many times there is an inconsistency in the quality of the plans because employees do not have a holistic view of their organization, the types of career options available to them and how they can plan their longer-term career development to get there.
We can work with you to develop a customized Career Framework and planning tools for your employees that outlines the different job families, and the positions within each job family to support their development planning efforts.
Not only can this provide all employees with a comprehensive view of the different career opportunities available to them, it can also expand their thinking about different career pathways, both functionally and cross-functionally. It also provides employees with the tools to take ownership of their careers.
For your high potentials, it can support their retention and accelerate their development as you build bench for your critical roles.
It is also a powerful way to amplify your Talent Brand initiatives as you promote your organization to internal and external audiences as a career destination.

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