Leadership Development Training

From comprehensive leadership development programs to bite-sized management training courses, we have flexible learning solutions that can be customized to your needs.

In the 2015 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report, 86% of global HR and business leaders cited leadership as a top issue for 2016.  
In the same study, high-performing companies spend 1.5 to 2 times more on leadership than other companies, and reap results that are triple or quadruple the levels of their competitors.

Building and developing a robust leadership talent pipeline is critical to the success of any organization. That is not new. What has changed is the speed and urgency of developing that pipeline in an increasingly competitive global marketplace to maintain or gain competitive advantage.

Starting with a clear understanding of your business strategies and needs, any of our solutions can customized.

Our team can build a customized leadership development solution for your identified high potential population. We will work with you to discuss key trends in the development needs of your top talents and build an impactful solution for your organization.
Some key elements of a program can include:
  • Assessments & Coaching– Using a combination of our assessment tools we leverage from our best-in-class partners, we can benchmark and assess your talent.  We can then work with them through our coaching solutions to gain further self-awareness, prepare them for new challenges and elevate them to higher levels of performance.
  • Action Learning Program– Action Learning is a solution that involves a small group working together over a period of time to solve a real and current business challenge for your company. Over the course of the program, your high potentials experience some core in-class leadership development program content. The team members then work together to apply this knowledge while working in the “real world” as a project team working on a stated business project with business outcomes.

* As individuals, your high potentials are provided with an impactful leadership experience and put their personal development plans into action.

* As a team, they form critical problem-solving, interpersonal and change management skills while they deepen their relationships with other top talents.

* As an organization, you benefit from your top talents generating a solution to a current business problem that is also a tangible way to demonstrate the ROI of program.

Building core leadership capabilities across all the first and middle level managers in your organization is critical to the success of your organization.
We also understand that your leaders are busy, and getting “share of mind” with them can be challenging for any HR or L&D professional. We have faced the same challenges you face. We have solutions.  
Though our strategic partners, we can work with you to fully customize a set of core leadership development topics for your managers.
Typically the topics are delivered in a 1/2 day live training format. Don’t have a 1/2 day? No problem. We can extract key learning elements of the topics and deliver in a shorter format and time period.
Below is a sample list of topics we can deliver that can be easily tailored to your organization:
  • Lumina Spark assessment & facilitated program
  • Lumina Emotion assessment & facilitated program
  • Lumina Leader assessment and facilitated program
  • Goal Setting
  • Coaching
  • Delivering Feedback/Difficult Feedback
  • Developing Employees
  • Leadership Skills for Women
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Communication Skills/Presentation Skills
  • Leading Effective Meetings
  • Time Management
Don't see a topic you are looking for? Just ask us.
Whether you have new external hire that has joined your organization, or you have recently promoted an individual contributor to a manager role, we can help you maximize your hiring investment and accelerate their development.
New leaders to your organization are challenged with understanding your business, how “work gets done”, building a new internal network and hitting the ground running.
Newly promoted leaders are also challenged with transitioning from individual contributor to being a manager.You are challenged with creating an engaging experience that supports your talent brand and gets them started on the right foot. We can help.
We can work with you to customize a program for your new managers using some of the topics listed above and using some of your core processes e.g. your performance management framework.
Other elements we can build could include:
  • Interacting with senior leaders
  • Learning about your business
  • Meeting key customers
  • Learning about and various functions in your company
  • Understanding your key policies and employment law
  • Being paired with a mentor
  • Developing a network
  • Building a plan for their first 90 days
We can help you build the framework for you to deliver, or we can deliver it with you. The options are limitless.

Connect With Us today to discuss how we can help amplify the soul of your leadership development programs.

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