Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Whatever your recruitment need from external search, to employer branding, to recruiting process design, to interviewing skills training, we have you covered.


According to the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, more than 8 in 10 (83%) of executives say talent acquisition is important or very important.

The talent marketplace has tightened and top talent is in high demand.  That is why your organization needs to build and communicate an engaging employer brand. 

Most importantly, you need to find the best talent for your open positions – quickly. 

We can help.

One of the most critical imperatives for any business is their ability to attract the right people in order to advance their strategic objectives.
It is more than just recruiting for the skills, knowledge or expertise required for the role today. Finding people that are the right culture fit is critical for building a healthy talent pipeline that will grow and flourish with your organization for years to come.
Our team will work with you to gain a deep understanding your culture and the capabilities required for success. Using our Lumina Talent assessment tool, we can uncover the unique qualities required for success in the role, and focus our interviews on these qualities during our candidate screening.
We are highly skilled at sourcing candidates in the active and passive talent market using a variety of methods while leveraging our vast network of candidates and social media. We understand how important is is to find the best talent- quickly.
We are tireless at candidate sourcing. We know the opportunity cost of vacant positions to your organization, and the pressure on your internal hiring managers when roles are open. We equally understand how important it is for us to represent your talent brand and ensure an engaging experience for any candidate we contact.
We appreciate how important it is to select the right partner and the trust you are placing in us to deliver top talent for your organization.
Regardless of your industry, or the level of role you are recruiting for, we will deliver for you.
A strong employer brand is a powerful way to link your people strategy and culture to your corporate or product brands.
It is more than just recruitment advertising. Defining and communicating a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP), will attract top talent that is the best fit for your culture in a competitive candidate marketplace, as well as engaging with your existing talent in a new and powerful way.
Our process is straightforward:
  • Using employee feedback, focus groups, engagement survey data and other sources, we can work with you to uncover why your talent is attracted to, and stays with, your organization
  • Articulate your EVP and develop a campaign strategy and idea using these insights
  • Partner with your brand marketing or external communications team develop compelling assets aligned to your brand and company messaging
  • Launch your campaign across your social media platforms and to your internal audience
We have experience in launching engaging employer branding campaigns. In his last position, Paul was an integral part of launching the highly recognized “Go Places” campaign at Heineken USA.
We look forward to applying our deep knowledge and experience with you to launch a compelling campaign for your organization.
Our team can partner with your Human Resources or recruiting team to complete a targeted assessment of your recruiting process.
Whether you are looking to design, or redesign your process, we will work with you to gain operational efficiencies and shorten the time from initiating a search to making a candidate an offer.
We will work with you to define your current state, existing challenges and opportunities, and map out a streamlined process.
We can also work with you to define or revise your talent acquisition metrics at various critical stages of your process, and develop a dashboard that can be used to communicate your performance to various internal audiences.
Our team can train your managers in behavioral interviewing to ensure structure and consistency in your selection process as well as quality of hire. We can also work with you to develop behavioral based competency interview guides and assessment tools.
Our team can partner with you to develop a onboarding program for new employees, new leaders or both.

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