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We have partnered with Leaderbits to provide your leaders with a FREE virtual leadership experience unlike anything on the market today.

The Future of Work Has Arrived.

There are many things we could say about the health crisis. One thing is certain.

Leading in the world of work as we knew it has changed. Exponentially.  

Empowering people, managing teams remotely, leading change in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, solving problems with a multiplier effect are some the "new-normal" leadership competencies. 

Not of tomorrow anymore. Today.  

Disruption is The Soulmate of Opportunity.

The organizations and HR professionals who read and react to this new reality will be ones who not only survive – but thrive – in the days and months ahead.

Traditional leadership programs are not the answer.

It's not about pushing stale e-learning modules out to them to check a box. It's also not about consuming volumes of free online content either.

It's about taking action. Putting newly learned capabilities into practice immediately.  

Welcome to Leaderbits.

Leaderbits is a revolutionary action based leadership development platform that turns your people into better leaders – faster.

We could explain it in more length, but instead we will let our Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Cortissoz, walk you through it.

Learn how the solution is unlike any other on the market today.

The Secret Sauce.

Action Based Challenges.

How Does Leaderbits Work?

Learners watch a short 2-3 minute video, take action on it during the week, log their insights into the platform and then receive virtual coaching from a member of the HR Soul team.

No stale e-learning program content.  No onerous time commitments for learners.  No theoretical learnership models.  No setting-up virtual classrooms and webinars.....and no more wasted spend with little to show for it.

Relevant. Timely. Modern. Action-based. That's Leaderbits.

All of this takes no more than 20-30 minutes of a leader's time during the week in the platform.

The Other Secret Sauce. Measurable Results.

Weekly value reports allow you to not only see your team’s progress, but give you an in-depth analysis of actions taken and goals reached.

Advanced Analytics

Break down activity and actions taken by teams or the organization through an easy to use dashboard.

Built To Scale

Built for every size organization with scalable team structures and reporting permissions.

Drill Down Capabilities

Easily “focus” on a specific individual.

Visibility on action takens and what their actual experience was.

Reports Delivered To You

Reports are customized to your specific needs and emailed directly to you – no chasing down reports.

Here’s What You’ll Get in the FREE  4 week Leadership Challenge.

Here are the topics your leaders will put into action in this free program.

We believe leadership right now is providing hope for your people.  Hope is not just an aspirational feeling.  It's about developing and putting into action 4 critical leadership capabilities: 

  1. Providing Strategic Direction
  2. Leveraging The Ideas & Energy of Your Team
  3. Identifying and Solving Problems With a Multiplier Effect
  4. Staying Positive While Leading Change

Each week they receive a new challenge over the 4 week period based on these 4 critical leadership capabilities.

Scheduling Time To Be Strategic

Goal: Schedule specific periods of time in order to be both reflective about past learnings and strategic for the future.

Empowering People

Goal: Identify a member of their team to invest time into, meet with them to find an initiative they care about to move the company forward and empower them.

Solving Problems With A Multiplier Effect

Goal: Identify and solve a high priority problem with a multiplier effect that allows their team to move forward faster.

Dynamic Change Management

Goal: Explore the dynamics of change management and use positivity to bring a team member on board.

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