It's never been more important to lean into your company values and engage your people.

Activate Our Engagement Solution Today. 

We have partnered with Olumo to provide you with access to their 2-way engagement survey platform as well as our FREE consultancy services.

Keep Running the Marathon.

We know you have worked hard to do the right thing for your people and business to navigate through the health crisis. 

THANK YOU for the unsung work you have been doing behind the scenes that others may or may not not see.

But you can't stop there.  

People are feeling disconnected working from home. Anxious about the future. Trying to figure out what working will be like in the "new normal".

It's Impossible To Over Communicate Right Now.

You need to show you’re listening and be open to hearing ideas about what else you can do to help everyone get through this together. 

Even if you know some of the responses may not be so great. It's not about perfection. It's about making progress.  Having real and honest 2-way dialogue.

Let us help you in that effort and make it a bit easier for you.

Free COVID-19 Pulse Engagement Survey.

We have partnered with Olumo to develop a free COVID-19 employee engagement pulse survey campaign that we can deploy quickly.

Olumo is the perfect tool to help leaders keep a pulse on what employees are thinking and feeling with open anonymous communication.

Olumo has a leading edge 2-way survey tool to help you collect data on how your employees are handling the transition and then respond to them via SMS when needed.

Watch the Video

We could explain it in more length, but instead we will let our Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Cortissoz, walk you through it.

Learn why engagement matters to your people and business performance, and how our FREE solution can help your company rebound faster and stronger out of the crisis.

Organizations can emerge stronger than ever tomorrow if they take the right people actions today.

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More Than Just a Platform. You Need a Strategy.

Platforms are great. Coupled with a strategy and measures of success, they are powerful.

In addition to the platform, we are also offering our free engagement strategy development consultative services.

We will work with you to understand your business context, establish measures of success & develop a communication strategy.

Activating the Solution is as Easy as 1-2-3.


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We'll send your link to register on Olumo.  We'll also set up a call to discuss your needs and help you develop an engagement and communications strategy that drives organizational performance.


Launch and Spark Honest Conversations

We've curated the best COVID-19 related questions to make sure your team is safe and thriving.  With Olumo Engage, you can start anonymous two-way dialogues with your people inspired by the questions they're receiving.


Measure Decision Impact

Our COVID-19 campaign quantitatively tracks Well Being, Leadership, Communication, Customer, Company & Culture, and Systems on a daily basis. Know exactly how your crisis-related decisions are impacting your people.

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We can implement with little effort and usually get you up and running within a day.

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