Our purpose is to help amplify the performance of your people – and the "soul" of your company culture.

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A Bit About Our Backgrounds

Backed by decades of collective senior level HR & business experience, we have worked with diverse groups of clients – globally and domestically – from executives to front line employees–  offering practical HR solutions with impact.

We have tackled projects that have taken us into nearly every industry, including:


Financial Services





Media Advertising



Consumer Product Goods


Market Research

Higher Education



As HR experts that understand the importance of your ROI, we work with measurable goals that align with your specific business strategies. We develop a personal relationship that allows us to become more than just consultants.

We become partners in your business and its success.



Executive Recruiter

Real Experience. Real Results. Real People.

Enough about our backgrounds.  

We really pride ourselves as being "un-consultants".

Unlike other providers that want to make you dependent on their services, we focus on giving you everything you need so you can sustain success on your own in the long term. We’re not afraid to customize and we’re not afraid of hard work.

We are committed to ensuring that we:

Provide solutions that empower your leaders and HR team

Customize and tailor solutions without charging you a fortune

Develop and implement solutions with you as partners 

Make your life easier as a one-stop solution provider

At the end of the day, our sole purpose is to amplify the soul in your business

What Soul Means To Us

By definition, soul is, "The principle of life, feeling, thought and actions in people.”

“Soul” is that spark certain people, teams or organizations have, that something you can tell they have from the moment you meet them. 

You can gauge it by their level of commitment towards a common goal. Where talent is allowed to flourish and perform at their highest levels. Where leaders foster an engaging environment and all members of the team feel valued for their contribution. Where people are proud to work for their company and give their discretionary effort. Where employees know what is expected of them and believe in their ability to achieve it. Where a culture of competing to win dominates over playing it safe.

Your business has a soul. And that’s not "HR" talk. It’s serious business. When soul is cultivated, business success follows.

of U.S. Employees

According to Gallup, approximately 2/3 of all U.S. employees are not engaged at work.  And that figure has barely budged in more than a decade.

But, in order to develop your business’s soul, you need to engage your people. Something that, according to Gallup, says hasn’t been done well in over a decade. We believe it doesn't have to be this way. 

We are on a mission to change this.  It's what drives us everyday.

The Important Role Of HR

When HR is done strategically, it does so much more than just manage risks and perform administrative tasks.

Strategic, conscious HR becomes a champion for employees, thinks outside of the box, and has measurable impact on your business’s overall success.

We know the incredible potential strategic HR has. And we know the incredible risk businesses take by overlooking it.

With a proven track record for delivering innovative HR solutions, we are confident we can provide your HR team with everything they need to not just survive, but to thrive, and to help your business do the same, too.



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