Sadie O'Neill

Chief Data Analyst


I enjoy using data, research, and technology to solve HR challenges. For people analysts, the first priority is people.

Although we take an analytical approach, improving the happiness and productivity of employees is at the heart.

I’ve worked across industries analyzing HR data, but find the most joy in seeing how the results and actions positively impact the lives of employees.

SADIE'S experience

Dr. Sadie O'Neill has a background in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from an applied Master's program and top-tier doctoral research program. While studying people at work for a decade, she was a published researcher, worked on large grants, and gained consulting experience.

After working as a people analyst for a technology company in Tampa, she returned to consulting full-time to more broadly impact HR teams in the Tampa area and beyond. She applies cutting-edge statistics and research to help HR teams make data-driven, strategic decisions.

Beyond numbers, she has expertise in engagement, onboarding, retention, and training.

A committed scientist-practitioner, she teaches online and is actively involved in professional associations.

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