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Chief Design Officer


I am passionate about designing growth. Both for individuals as well as organizations.

The human asset is the greatest advantage within any organization, and at HR Soul we know exactly how to initiate and accelerate growth through performance and leadership. 

I always say, I am the grittiest person you’ll ever meet. That passion and perseverance is on your side to take your business to the next level.

RYANN'S experience

Ryann is an experienced I/O Psychologist specializing in performance, development, and holistic leadership coaching. Ryann has an extensive background in Human Resources Management for the last 10 years and holds a current SPHR certification. She has been influential in driving large-scale growth and change management while developing innovative solutions across many industries including technology, finance, logistics, hospitality, and construction.

Some of Ryann’s favorite projects include doubling and tripling the human capital asset of companies and collaborating with leadership for effective talent strategy. Ryann’s favorite quote is “Growth is a practice, not a destination”.

During her career, Ryann led cultural initiatives in post-merger and acquisition organizations, became a certified trainer in both Hilton and Marriott brands, opened several hotels and restaurants, and partnered with entrepreneurial clients for strategic HR consulting and leadership coaching.

In addition to her hands-on work in Human Resources, Ryann designed and taught a variety of university courses focusing on psychology, leadership and business concepts. During this time, she hosted a successful panel discussion on “Managing Millennials” and launched a mini web series about holistic entrepreneurship.

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