Our Difference

We are business leaders first with deep and broad HR experience.
We are a husband and wife team with over 46 years collective senior level experience as HR Business Partners, Recruiters and OD/L&D specialists. We have worked in a large cross-section of industries both globally and domestically including:
HealthcareFinancial ServicesInsurance
Media AdvertisingCorporate EducationRetail
Consumer Product GoodsHigher Education
We do not approach our work from a theoretical or academic perspective.
We have worked with C-level executives to "front-line" employees during our careers. We know how what seems like a great idea in the boardroom can land differently on your first level managers and employees without a solid change management strategy. This practical experience is what we bring to our clients.
We always begin with the business impact in mind– in a measurable way- with a direct line of sight to your business strategy.
We understand the challenges and urgency you face and are relentless in the pursuit of solutions that amplify your people and performance.
We are passionate about the bottom-line impact of what good HR practices can deliver.
We are ROI experts with a proven track-record of achieving measurable business results.
We are personally committed to seeing your organization and your people achieve success.
No "consultant speak" with us – just real people with the experience to back it up.
Having worked with many capable consultants during our corporate careers, we still experienced certain challenges to their level of effectiveness:
  • Some consultants create “consultant dependence”. They keep their proprietary information closely guarded with the aim of you needing them long term.
  • Some consultants are in the business of providing off-the-shelf solutions. Customizing usually means more money and more time.
  • Some consultants parachute in – driven by their own processes, models or services– implement their solution and you are left with making it stick.
  • Some consultants are narrowly focused in their expertise. Need help with leadership coaching, use one consultant. Need help with recruitment, use another and so on. This means more time and more work for you to source the right consultant and orient them to your needs.
We are sure you have experienced these as well.
When we were in your shoes we always vowed we would do it differently. We believe there is a better way.
Our commitments to you:
  • We will enable your leaders and HR team and not create “consultant dependence”.
  • We will work with you to develop a customized solution for your needs. Our definition of customized does not mean more time, or more money.  We promise.
  • We will meet you where are, partner together and see it fully through when developing and implementing solutions to address your people needs.
  • We will provide you with end to end talent, leadership & culture solutions to simplify your role.
We do not want to be your consultant. We want to be an enabler of your team.

Connect With Us today to discuss how we can design and implement a solution that can amplify the soul of your organization.

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