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We know that is it critical to surround ourselves with a diverse and expansive network of like-minded partners, who share our values and approach, in order to achieve success for our clients. They too bring soul to their work.

 Leadership Coaching Assessments

John is an internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker and top-ranked executive coach.
Since 2015, the research organization,, has ranked him as one of the world’s top leadership authorities and speakers. John is the author of eight books, including three best-sellers. He is also the co-author of one of the most respected studies of leadership and talent development in the world, The Trends in Leadership Development and Talent Management, which is published bi-annually by Pearson.
John is the author of eight books, including three best-sellers: Talent Leadership (2012-an Amazon Best-Seller), Intelligent Leadership (an Inc. Magazine and Amazon Bes-Seller) and Cultural Transformations: Lessons of Leadership & Corporate Reinvention (Wiley-January 26, 2016), which just became an Amazon #1 Best-Selling release in Human Resources and #2 in Management as well as an Inc. Magazine Best-Seller.

The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) self- assessment reveals both the “inner-core” strengths that need to be leveraged and the “inner-core” gaps and limiting factors that must be addressed by a leader to unleash their full-potential. This is particularly useful for senior leaders or high potentials receiving coaching.

The Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360™ (STLI-360) is a multi-rater assessment that measures the "outer core" and results in an actionable detailed report that allows participants to: (a) compare their self-assessment ratings to their internal stakeholder ratings; (b) detail their highest and lowest rated competencies and behaviors; (c) highlight their most significant “blind spots” and “surprise strengths”; and (d) capture “open-ended” comments. This is particularly useful for senior leaders or high potentials receiving coaching.
The Individual Leadership Development Planning (IDLP) tool help leaders build and implement a targeted leadership development plan based on their MLEI and STLI results. This is particularly useful for development planning with senior leaders or high potentials receiving coaching.
The 5 Cultures of Culture Assessment measures the strength and health of your overall current culture, based on the 5 elements that define culture: Capability Culture; Commitment Culture; Alignment Culture; Individual Performance Culture; and Team Performance Culture. This is particularly useful for culture, HR strategic planning or engagement applications as part of our strategy, culture & engagement applications.
The Cultural Transformation Readiness Assessment-40 (CTRA-40) is a measure of your organization’s readiness to successfully change and transform its’ culture based on 6 Cultural Change Readiness Predictors. This is particularly useful for organizations that are planning for, or in the middle of, cultural transformation as part of our strategy, culture & engagement applications.

talent-cultural-indexThe Talent Cultural Index (TCI) benchmarks the effectiveness of your talent culture processes and tools.The results provide a clear benchmark of the strengths and gaps of the four “talent engines” that drive your culture and operating success, your succession planning processes and your high-potential identification and development. This is particularly useful for talent management and strategy & culture applications.
The HR Partner Assessment measures 5 HR critical competencies that will help you determine your strengths and development needs as an HR Partner. This is particularly useful for individual HR Business Partner development and HR strategic planning applications as part of our strategy, culture & engagement applications

How We Partner With John

We are certified practitioners of his Intelligent Leadership coaching methodology and assessment tools and use them in a variety of applications.


Leadership Talent Team Organizational Assessments




Lumina Learning creates innovative assessment tools, and maintains a global network of practitioners who specialize in organizational change and long-term improvement.
Lumina assessments help people understand their drivers of behavior to improve individual performance according to their unique needs. They also help people understand and leverage differences within their team.
Lumina is different from other popular assessments:
  • Highly customizable: Workshops, reports and solutions can be customized to the needs of your organization.
  • No forced-choice answers: Lumina embraces the paradoxes in our personality, allowing for the nuances and contradictions that make up real human beings.
  • No types: Lumina does not box, label or number you.
  • Layers of depth: Lumina measures your underlying, everyday and overextended personas so you can gain insight into how your behavior changes in different situations.
  • Proven credibility: Based on research with an international professional population, the Lumina model of personality is empirically grounded and statistically verified.
  • It sticks: By using simple color coding and normal words (free of jargon), Lumina quickly becomes a common language among teams.
  • Mobile Ready: Assessments are accessible to participants and administrators 24/7, with fully customizable reports.
We use these assessments across a variety of applications and they can be tailored to the needs of your organization.
The Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalized portrait focusing on increased self-awareness and practical development points to assess and improve communication, teamwork and leadership. This is particularly useful for coaching, leadership development or strategy, culture & engagement applications.
Lumina Emotion is a model of emotional intelligence that embraces the Big 5 personality traits from Jung in its entirety in order to revolutionize the way individuals treat emotional intelligence. This is particularly useful for coaching or leadership development applications.
Lumina Talent is designed to enhance the communication between candidates and recruiters. Unearthed potential can be brought to light and expectations can be understood clearly by both sides. This is particularly useful for talent acquisition applications.
Lumina Leader is a powerful tool that helps an individual to gain a better understanding of their Leadership style and overall strengths. It also provides the opportunity to incorporate feedback from others to present a comprehensive view of a Leader’s personality. This is particularly useful for coaching or leadership development applications.
Lumina Culture focuses on personality at an organizational as well as individual level. It looks to enhance organizational awareness and unity as well as providing the processes to implement large-scale and lasting change. This is particularly useful for strategy, culture & engagement applications.
Lumina Team provides solutions to capitalize on your team’s strengths and examine its blind spots to maximize collective success. By gaining a new perspective, teams are able to overcome old communication barriers and resolve hidden issues.  This is particularly useful for strategy, culture & engagement applications.

How We Partner With Lumina

We are certified practitioners with Lumina Learning, and can use any of them in a variety of applications.

Lew Learning Training Programs



Lew Learning

The founder and president of LEW Learning, Leslie E. Wilson, has over 15 years of experience in the learning and development field, building a background from both in-house corporate and consulting perspectives.

In addition to her corporate experience, Leslie is the co-author of an exciting book about performance appraisals, which is called Ready-to-Use Performance Appraisals, published by John Wiley in Fall 2006. She has also written articles for various Hispanic publications on themes such as: negotiating, starting a business, and more.

How We Partner With Leslie

Leslie has a wide array of high quality leadership, management, communications and personal development training programs that we can draw from to address your specific leadership development needs. Content can be fully tailored, and facilitated by our team in a way that is relevant and impactful for your people.

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