Leadership Coaching

Our team provides best-in-class leadership coaching and assessment tools that will accelerate the performance of your senior leaders and high potentials in your organization.

In the Brandon Hall 2015 State of Leadership Report, 84% of organizations anticipate a shortfall in the number of qualified leaders over the next 5 years.

As organizations are increasingly focused on growing their leadership capabilities, the need for targeted coaching is a critical component of your talent strategy.

Starting with a clear understanding of your business strategies and needs, any of our solutions can customized.

Our team has partnered with John Mattone in order to provide you with world-class leadership coaching & assessments.
John is widely regarded as the world’s top leadership coach. Recently, John was honored by The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches with the prestigious 2015 International Executive Coach Thought Leader of Distinction Award, in recognition of his thought leadership and his work as a global leadership coach.
Our process is straightforward.
At the start of each coaching engagement we meet with your selected person to discuss the goals of the coaching experience and the proposed “roadmap”.
We then have your selected senior leader/high potential complete two key assessments:
  • The first is the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) self-assessment- which measures the strength, vibrancy and maturity of a leader’s character, self-concept, values, thinking patterns and emotional make-up (their “inner-core”).  Success as a leader starts with greatness in the “inner-core”.
  • We also have them select key stakeholders to complete the Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360™ (STLI-360), along with completing the STLI-360 assessment themselves.  This multi-rater 360 assessment measures 9 strategic and tactical “outer-core” leadership competencies.
The STLI provides a customized report that allows your people to compare their self-assessment ratings to their internal stakeholder ratings; detail their highest and lowest rated competencies and behaviors; highlight their most significant “blind spots” and “surprise strengths”; and capture “open-ended” comments.
We then meet in person to debrief the reports and generate insights that are then turned into targeted action plans through the Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Development Planning (ILDP) Tool.
From there we provide ongoing performance coaching (live or virtually) as they start executing their development plan.
We also survey key stakeholders quarterly to provide confidential feedback on the progress they are making.
We have also partnered with Lumina Learning to provide best-in-class assessment tools that we have integrated into many of our other solutions.
Lumina assessments enable you to assess talent and provide both individuals and teams with greater self-awareness and personalized development plans.
Lumina Spark portraits help people understand their drivers of behavior to improve individual and team performance. They also help people understand differences within their team and develop individuals according to their unique needs.
Lumina is different from other popular assessments:
  • Highly customizable: Workshops, reports and solutions can be customized to the needs of your organization.
  • No forced-choice answers: Lumina embraces the paradoxes in our personality, allowing for the nuances and contradictions that make up real human beings.
  • No types: Lumina does not box, label or number you.
  • Layers of depth: Lumina measures your underlying, everyday and overextended personas so you can gain insight into how your behavior changes in different situations.
  • Proven credibility: Based on research with an international professional population, the Lumina model of personality is empirically grounded and statistically verified.
  • It sticks: By using simple color coding and normal words (free of jargon), Lumina quickly becomes a common language among teams.
  • Mobile Ready: Assessments are accessible to participants and administrators 24/7, with fully customizable reports.
These assessments can be use across a variety of applications, and can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Connect With Us today to discuss how we can help amplify the soul of your leaders and high-potentials through our coaching & assessments.

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